Womens History Month


Amaya Shaw, Olytimes writer


During women’s history month, we remind ourselves of the accomplishments, encouraging bravery of women around the world. The first women’s history day was held in 1909, soon California came up with women’s history week in 1978, and as we know now in 1981 it became women’s history month. Women making history across the globe goes back as far as 1848. In the 1940s Rosie, the Riveter is an iconic symbol for women’s independence, Marsha P. Johnson a trans-black woman who worked alongside Sylvia Rivera a Puerto Rican woman who fought for transgender and Gay rights in the ’70s. Andrea Jenkins made history in 2017 by being the first transgender in public office in the U.S. Overall all the women who have fought and continue to fight for gender equality, independence, equal pay, etc. Women like these are why we have this month today.