Which is better, Apex or Warzone?


Justin Sagere, Olytimes writer

See this debate of which is the better fps shooter game has gone on long enough. So I will be telling you from updates to the player who plays the game and finally prove with one is better. Starting with apex see this game takes a lot of skill and from experience, you need to put in hours on top of hours to become even above average. Because of this, the players who have been playing since day one are going to be crazy good and it’s just way too hard to get good at that game. The updates are ok and I say that because it has been so long since we have seen a new weapon all they are doing is vulting a weapon and putting it into the care package and bringing weapons back from the care package as floor loot. One of the more recent updates made it so console and some PC players can’t even play a normal pubs match because they did something to the map and no your fps goes from 145 flat in arenas to 60 when you hop in a game of pubs and that’s with the lowest setting. But from personal experience, the players are a 50/50 they are either toxic and annoying or friendly and cool. I don’t know what it is but every Apex player I know simps so hard for their favorite content curator like it is the end of the world is crazy.Like one of my friends plays apex 24/7 365 and he is head over heels for the one guy on youtube names ecstasy it so annoying. Overall just after the month I spent playing this game it dry annoying and you will get tired of it fast so I rate it a 4/10