No License No Summer?


Marina Mendez Ibarra, Olytimes writer

Summer is right around the corner, and everyone is starting to plan out what they wanna do with friends and family. It’s the season where you get prepared for a hot girl summer:) But the problem is not having a permit/license to drive around late with friends, or drive around and explore where you are from. I decided to help a friend out with her permit and it has been a pain in the a**. The sooner you get it done the faster you can get your permit, but what sucks is that it’s so long (it’s done online) you have to do a reading per lesson that is an average of 45 minutes and you cannot continue without those 45 minutes being done and after that, it’s a quiz of five answers you have to get ⅘ correct if not you fail. I have failed so many times but I am unsure how many times you can fail for you to not get it anymore. So far out of 100%, I have helped her with 23.7%  we have until June to get it done but want to get it done before April is over. It has been tough but anything to have an amazing unforgettable summer with friends and maybe new friends will be made.