Turning 18!!


Mana Konishi , Olytimes writer

Today, I’m going to write about my birthday party. April 2 was my birthday and I’m 18 years old now. To be4 honest, I hate being 18 years old, because I don’t want to be an adult. But I’m glad I turned 18 at this birthday party. Compared to Japan, America’s birthday parties are so energetic. In the morning, my host sisters woke me up with crackers full of confetti, and then when I go downstairs, my friends were waiting for me and crackers again. My host mother prepared my favorite food which is donuts, for breakfast. The whole house had balloons and decorations and it was so pretty. At noon, I went to Meow wolf with my host sisters. Meow wolf feels like I’m in a different world and I had so much fun. When I got home, there was a very big balloon with the number 18. For dinner, my host father made my wings, onion rings, and french fries. It was soooooooooooo good. A friend of an exchange student came to celebrate my birthday and we also spend the night. We played card games, watched movies and other kinds of stuff. The cake was my favorite character’s design which is hello kitty and also it has butterfly decorations too. Cupcakes and cookies were also very cute and it was delicious. I also got a lot of presents and it was the best birthday ever.