The Reality of School


DeÁndrea Sneed , Olytimes writer

I’m a senior and there are only 7 weeks of school left till I graduate. As of right now, I am failing 2 classes and I have to do Edgenuity for 2 English classes that I failed in quarters 2 and 3. At this point, I’m barely trying cause I am most likely not going to pass quarter 3 English. So unfortunately I might have another year of school guys. They should have given me Edgenuity for English q2 but they thought I would turn in a hero essay but I told them plenty of times that I wasn’t going to. So far I have 9% done and 1% done and I have till May 14 to finish both. I’m going to keep working on one till April 30th and start the new one in May. Passing all my classes won’t be hard but passing English this quarter is. Waking up early enough to go to my gym class is going to be hard. But am I ready for the real world? I think I am halfway ready because I’m so tired of having to wake up for school, I’m ready to go to work every day and pay bills and sleep. Adult life is boring but I rather do that than go to school. I’m going to make sure I at least like the job I’m going to have so it’ll be easier to go.  I plan on going to Pickens for nursing but it’s going to be like another year of school because I have to wake up at 7 am for the nursing classes.