Poe Poe, Olytimes writer

Gateway High School boys volleyball played their last game of the season with Aurora West as their opponent and the player as a home game. As 4:30 pm rolls around the varsity team gets into their position after warming up to get ready for the game. As the game was getting intense, the gateway team had lost both rounds but it was a close match. After the broken match and the teams of both sides warmed up, the staff all got ready for some announcement before the game. They all introduced the players of both teams before the game started. The second round of the game was very intense, coming to the sense that both teams are very skilled and had very good players. They had brought the victory home. Gateway High School boys volleyball won both matches with Harold Johnson giving only a 25-14 win in the first set. Maybe next year guys but this year Olys gets the dubs!..