7-11 Shooting


Ruby Bruno Prestegui , Olytimes writer

Recently, there has been a shooting near a 7 eleven located at 14593 E. Mississippi Ave. A suspect shot a person and the victim self-transported to the hospital afterward. There has been no suspect info and they haven’t been found. Shootings happen every month, every year, and mostly every day. Especially in our local places such as Denver and aurora. 

The large increase in mass shootings during the pandemic is consistent with the idea that this violence may be influenced by social and economic factors, the researchers note.

Well, why do shootings occur? Shootings occur anywhere. But it is more common in school. Respondents were asked to rate 16 possible reasons for school shootings on a scale from 1 as strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree. According to, Why Do Shootings Occur? | Alfred University, ¨Highly alienated students were just as likely as those with low alienation indices to blame other kids picking on them, making fun of them, or bullying them as a reason for school violence, but they were far more likely to say that getting back at someone who hurt them was the cause¨

The person behind the gun always has a reason to cause death, injury, and displacement. It could involve mental illness, distress, and things that the individual goes through that causes them to cause shootings. Notions of mental illness that appear in relation to mass shootings frequently reflect ¨larger cultural stereotypes and anxieties about matters such as race, social class, and politics¨. There are many possible reasons for the rise in shootings over the last years. 

In order to prevent gun violence, there should be sensible gun laws where there should be a reduction in easy access to dangerous weapons, holding the gun industry accountable and ensuring that there is ¨adequate oversight over the marketing and sales of guns and ammunition¨, requiring safe and secure gun storage, etc… 

As the nation on earth with the most guns, we must make sure people are safe and that they feel safe going out without having to worry about shootings happening. What do you think we should do in order to stop these shootings from happening/increasing?