5 things you NEED to know for freshman year


Keionae Collins, Olytimes Writer

1. Freshman year and credits are VERY important if you want to be successful in high school and want to go to college or even a different high school so make sure you stay on track with your attendance and class work.



2. DON’T LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE BECOME A DISTRACTION. Getting distracted is easy and fun at the time but later you will learn it didn’t affect anyone but yourself.


3. STAY MOTIVATED! It’s okay to get overwhelmed and tired but don’t give up because in the long run, it will make school more stressful for you.


4. GET CONNECTED! If you know what you want out of a career, look for teachers and clubs that could help you find out more about the career you want to pursue and what you have to do or should do that could help you get there.


5. ALWAYS ASK FOR HELP! Never do anything feeling lost or unsure, always ask for help as much as you need, and never ever feel ashamed of it. Getting help is a part of learning.