Kimora’s summer 

Kimoras summer 

Kimora Cage, Olytimes writer

My summer was actually pretty good. I spent time helping plan my dad’s wedding coming up this weekend I  spent time with my family. I made a couple of songs with my brother. He works at a studio so I get free hours but also I’m learning to be a producer or at least produce my music with his help. I still don’t know what I’m doing but eventually, I will my summer had a couple of ups and downs but who didn’t I got to go to a couple of parties. overall just had a lot of fun I went to my aunt’s house for about two weeks and spent time with my little cousin and his sister. We went to elitches and we drove to pueblo I rode in the car with my aunt who hasn’t drove since she was like 18 she’s about 30 now it was funny but she did good tho I was driving to my stepdad has the car I’m getting when I graduate he let me drive I feel like I could get my permit by next summer. But yeah this was my summer it was a little boring until the time for school came back around.