Returning to Gateway


Mary-Jane Patton, olytimes writer

With back to school in full swing, new schedules, new people, and not to mention all the extracurricular activities. There are many mixed feelings. Excitement, nervousness, happiness, and maybe even sadness for some. For the seniors of gateway high school, it was our last first day of high school and a conclusion to one of our many journeys in life.

For freshmen, it is the beginning of an exciting new chapter as well as many new emotions and nerves. Depending on who you ask you will get different views on the back-to-school emotions. But for me personally, I think of it as a new beginning, each year you get to make new friends, make new memories, and have new experiences every single day. As a senior returning back to Gateway even though we can make new experiences and problem solve on our own, there are problems big enough for anyone to see like the overcrowding of classrooms, lack of teachers, crowded hallways as well as new lunch schedules for most.

Each day there are classes where students have to grab extra chairs and sit wherever there is space, oftentimes there’s not much extra space. Counselors are trying their best to de-crowd the classrooms and find teachers to take on the excess of children but oftentimes there are not enough teachers to take on the workload. The hallways are so packed with new and returning students that it takes all of your five-minute passing periods to make it from the science hallway to the English hallway. Pushing, yelling, and complaining is heard everywhere amongst the students.

Lunchtime is even more of a mess, with new lunch schedules as well as the large amounts of students, lunch can oftentimes be very stressful. Long lines to get food, freshmen not knowing where to go (sometimes even missing lunch), kids yelling everywhere, and a new schedule to get used to. Even with the challenges that you may encounter going to high school at the gateway or any other school, these will easily be the most memorable moments of your life.

The fun times making memories with your friends, the clubs and sports, dances and other events with your friends will easily outshine the annoying moments that you had in the hall or waiting on lunch. Coming from a senior and a fellow Olympian, enjoy high school while you can. As for the freshman, you might have feelings of worry about the unknown but don’t worry soon enough you will feel a part of the gateway family!  And remember Once An Oly Always an Oly!