How School Impacts My Life


AJ Sosef

School is a big part of my life. I have to try my best and still manage to do sports and church things. It’s pretty hard when you have a lot on your shoulders. I always put my education first so I can get to college. This past year I’ve connected more with God and I always put him first. Education is really what comes 2nd for me even before sports because it’s a student first and athlete last.

With school, I’m able to play football and connect with my passion. We practice all week and it’s tiring when you get it after school and you go home, do work and then have that little time of rest. We learn to push ourselves through adversity. I don’t complain anymore about pain because the more you sit out the worse you feel not being on the field. Time flies by with sports and school going on and I just know I’m gonna miss it when it’s over. 

I try pushing myself in classes and strive for higher grades than what I had last year. I feel more dedicated than I was before. The school will go on longer for me because I will attend a good college and not only play sports but major in architecture. The school has had a big impact on my life. From pre-k til now (sophomore). I was always pushed to do more and do better which I will stick by. 3 more years of high school and then 4 years of college more to go.