Brauijay Daniels-Taylore , Oly Times writer

School is a very important part of my life, it helps me become a better person and learn from my mistakes. It submerges me into a social interaction experience, providing me with teachers who are a big help like Mr. portelle, and counselors who really care about school and their students.  It can have a mostly positive effect on me and students as a whole can take a toll.”Many students believe that frequent anxiety attacks, insomnia, and self-destructive behaviors are normal due to the damaging lifestyle that school and society promote. Students are exposed to extremely harmful and toxic environments in school.” This Comes from:

Negative Effects Of High School Students – › essay › Negative-Effects-Of-High-S…

This explains that school can be a main place/ area for toxic and/or harmful environments.

I asked some students in different states and around our school “Gateway” “does the school have a more positive or negative effect on students?”

Josh” student at the gateway,” says” I feel like it has slowly degraded my mental health more and more. It has caused me to be in a big state of anxiety, which has caused me to be depressed.” he says just being in school has a lot of negative effects. 

Alex from Nevada says “I think it really does affect your personal life a lot, it can be hard, some teachers don’t listen to students, they’re in need of assistance, they don’t always give the best help. It sucks, you want the help, but can’t have it or aren’t able to obtain it, then you give up and fail because the teachers aren’t doing the job they signed up for.“ She says it’s hard to get the help needed from teachers to pass classes.

Another student who wanted to remain anonymous says “I think the school has let me excel academically, my teachers have helped me do this by asking me questions and giving me a safe space allowing me to ask questions and open up to them.” This student says their school is an overall positive environment. 

What do students think of school? Some may think it’s a positive place and some think it’s a bad environment for children/students, what do you think?