Gateway Homecoming


AJ Sosef, Olytimes Writer

 Gateway High Schools homecoming week is September 26th through October 1st. Having fun and turning up is what this week is for. We are doing this in the spirit of Gateway Olympians. The whole week we will have spirit dress-ups and fun things to do. On October 1st we will have the game in the morning and the homecoming dance at night. 

 The theme for Gateway’s homecoming will be a Met Gala fashion show, so wear your best suit or dress! So, students of Gateway come by, dance, have fun and live the only way. You should come and enjoy the dance because it’s a night of having fun with friends and who wouldn’t want that? Come watch the boy’s football team at noon and get “pre-fun” in before the dance! 


Let’s show the world what the Oly’s are about. Go Gateway!!!!!