New Tardy Policies Pro and Con


Khimora Cage, Olytimes writer

What’s going on with the tardy policies? Well in the gateway student handbook we got Attendance Philosophy, Absence Reporting Procedures Attendance Office Contact Information Partial Day Absences Excused Absences Unexcused Absences Attendance Process Tardy Policy APS Policy Information Make-up Work for Excused and School-Related Absences, and last but not least Homework Request for Extended Absences


  It says that daily class attendance is essential for students to obtain the greatest benefit from the education offered at Gateway High School. Absences, whether excused or not, are detrimental to the learning process and only parents or legal guardians are permitted to call the attendance office to report an absence. Students may not call for themselves unless they have provided documentation to prove legal emancipation and students who don’t go to class can end up with a phone call home detention and or Saturday school. 


  Some of the pros are the kids being in class and doing what they need to do, so I understand why they are doing what they need to do because Gateway does need to fix a few things. Some of the cons are Saturday school, lunch detention, and getting a call home. That’s just something a student should be worried about because nobody wants to go home and get yelled at about school and attendance.