Questioning the Functionality of Chromebooks


Sherman Semujju, Olytimes writer

My article about today at Gateway High School will be a Popular product review at this local high school. Today we will be discussing the HP Google Chromebooks so as everyone knows Freshmen at Gateway HIgh School are basic newbies to high school and like everyone they got the latest HP Chromebooks that cost a specific amount of $309.99. And that has to cost a lot of money for a whole freshmen class. Another brand of Chromebook HP is about $299.99 I am pretty sure the number of students using them is 400 in the sophomore class with Lenovo Chromebooks so it is pretty well according to a student/user who claimed that his computer works all well and dandy for him. A basic way of saying that it is so far amazing but not all of them is the Lenovo Chromebook I wrote about before a student named Brianna claims that her Chromebook and claims that her internet function another Zariha says her Chromebook works perfectly and another student Harmonie says she had a friend who blew out a plugin on her computer and sparks happened. So honestly, our biggest problems with the Chromebooks fall on the Lenovo ones because of their faulty plugins and wiring, and their bad connection to cope with the internet makes it a defective computer type. As for The latest HP Chromebook, it has perfect compatibility with the internet and no faulty features it is overall a great usage of the devices. However, maybe we can always check the model and the primary care in the specific conditions it is taken in. And maybe the problem is the model for the long term for its use. We can’t always be sure if all the individual computers can be the same model even but not always sure how it works I guess it is a test of chance because not all of us have the same protection methods.