Supporting Vs Not Supporting Relationships..


Marina Mendez Ibarra, Olytimes writer

Besides your family who is your number one supporter, Is it your best friend?  Your significant other? Or your crazy partner in chemistry class you don’t even know about but you just need that person you want support from? There are multiple reasons why someone might need more support rather than their family, but what is good support?  

Good support from someone is when they encourage you to be a better version of yourself day by day. Someone who encourages you to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Encouraging you means they’ll help you when times are tough When you need someone to believe you can do it when maybe you can’t even believe you can do it but they’ll give you that motivation that no other has given you. 

Someone who is your supporter will be there by your side every step of the way to accomplish Happy We our goals in life. If you don’t get the support that you deserve from someone you thought did, go find it somewhere else, prove them wrong, and everyone who didn’t believe in you when times were tough once again. 

Everyone can find that one supporter but it takes time.. It won’t just be the first person who shows you because out of nowhere they just don’t support something you decide on for yourself and your future. Choose your dreams/yourself rather than someone else and their dreams