Having a job and working is not for the weak!


DeAndrea Sneed, Olytimes writer

During the summer, having a job and not having to go to school was so much fun. I had money and time to go places. The amount of freedom and money I had was elite! Now I’m A 17-year-old in high school with a job. I have no time to do school work because right after school I have to go straight to work and by the time I’m off, I’m too tired to do school work. Plus my job was very understaffed so I worked weekends too! I love sleeping so I would literally sleep all day and wake up 2 hours before I had to go to work. Was this discussion dumb? Yes, yes it was but our bodies need rest so that’s what I had to do. I did have days off but right now my priorities are not straight at all. Even though I really liked having my own money and getting to pay for MYSELF when I go out I still quit. I kind of regret it because now I’m on a budget and can’t spend money like I used to. In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be BROKE. I started to apply for new jobs but it’s not going so well at the moment. And school.. man Oh man… I haven’t been to school in like 2 weeks. I have no idea what’s happening in any of the classes and in some classes, I’m scared to go back to because I know my teacher is going to say some smart things to me.

Now the big question is should high school students make money and barely go to school or should they stop making money and focus on school. Well, I chose to focus on school. Personally, I feel like working 1-2 days is wasting time so I did quit. I can’t lie, I do regret quitting and I’m currently looking for another job. So my advice to you does NOT to quit! Work only 2-3 days a week and use your time wisely when you’re off, catch up on any work you have to do, and show up to class. If you’re too tired to show up like me, at least log in and finish any work at home. I want you to know that it’s really really hard but you can do it!