How’s Gateway’s Basketball Season Going?

Brianna Price, Olytimes writer

Gateway’s boys and girls basketball team have had a rough start but they have been close to winning on some games.–

 The boy’s basketball team has not won a game yet but it’s only the start of the season so they have time to bounce back and win some games. JV has won a game so their record is 1-4 but some are new to basketball but they are doing a good job with being newbies and maintaining a new sport to learn.–

 The girl’s basketball team has won one game this season and their record is 1-3 now but it’s the beginning of the season and just the start. The girls’ basketball team is doing a great job with just working hard as ever and grinding to win games.–

The first varsity boys game score Monday 11/29 the score was 24-61 against Cherokee Trail.–

In their second game Tuesday 11/30 their score was 31-65 against Harrison.–

In their third game Thursday 12/2, they lost their third game by 3 points and it wasn’t that bad, 50-53 against DSSTGVR.–

In the fourth game on Monday 12/6, they lost to Denver South and the score was 30-73.–

So their record now is 0-4–

The JV’s basketball team has won one game but Monday 11/20 they lost towards Cherokee Trail 11-60 it was their very first game and it was like a warm-up game so they can be ready for the season.–

¨We are doing bad right now talking about the record but we are working on it¨- King-Jones (Varsity on the boy’s basketball team)–

¨I like basketball I love the team and the players we are working so hard and I like playing games¨ – King-Jones ( Varsity on the boy’s basketball team)–

The girls’ varsity basketball team is doing good for the start of the season their record is 2-3.–

In their first game Monday 11/29 away against Heritage they lost 13-65 but it was their first game and it was a hard L but they tried their hardest.–

In their second game, first home game, Tuesday 11/30 against Harrison they lost by two points 36-38 so not that bad and it shows they improved since the previous game.–

Thursday 12/ 2 their third game, second away game, against DSSTGVR they won their first game 54-20.–

Friday 12/3 they had an away game at TJHS and they sadly lost 27-63 but they tried and people are glad they had a good time even if they didn’t win.–

Tuesday 12/7 they had an away game and won!! The score was 49-33 glad they are winning and losing but all that matters is that they are winning!–

The JV girls have the same record as varsity.– 

In their game, on Monday 11/29 the score was 0-76 so yes they took the L but they only had won and not too bad of losses after that game. 

¨We didn’t have a big program last year so I’m happy that we have a bigger program and we have good girls on the team¨ girls on the basketball–

¨ I love playing with the girls and it’s like we are a family so it’s so much easier winning games and losing because we win and lose as a team.¨ girls on the basketball–