ISS Gonna Be Like


Ronan McNeal, Olytimes writer

When people think ISS will be like going to jail they are completely wrong. The ISS room here at Gateway is a normal classroom. With whiteboards on the back wall and with desks shaped up in u shape in the middle of the class. It almost looks like someone should be giving a college lecture. There’s nothing truly special about the room. It’s as bland as they come. 

     The man in charge is the coach of the boy’s baseball team, he was really calm and chill while he was a very understanding person. He stayed in the corner across from the door doing whatever he does but as well as creating small talk with you. The desks are spaced a bit so you can’t just be in there to talk with friends. If you have a phone it will be taken away and set on a table in the front of the classroom, at the end of the school day you will be given your phone back. The teacher in charge of putting kids in ISS is Mr. Williams. He contacts all of your teachers that you currently have so you are given school work to keep you busy. If you are there for a few days and you finish your work you are suggested to bring a book or something quiet to keep you busy till the end of the day. 

      Around 11:40 you will be taken out to get lunch and you are taken back to the ISS room by 12:10. They give you a fair enough amount of time to have lunch. You are escorted and seated down at a table of the teachers choosing. He takes this time to be one of the teachers who helps monitor the lunchroom during break periods. While you’re there people are allowed to come over to say hi or give you a fist bump but they can’t fully interact with you. 

     That’s pretty much all that ISS is, but just because it sounds nice and not like a prison doesn’t mean that you should end up being there. Do your best to be the best student you can be by not getting into trouble and doing what you are told so you may help your precise learning environment.