Being a Teenage Girl


Giselle Marquez, Olytimes writer

When it comes to being a teenage girl, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. This is related to a range of factors such as dating, friendship, self-esteem, peer pressure, and so on. Due to lack of communication, most teen girls have been through a lot and haven’t done anything to improve their circumstances. Many studies have demonstrated that teen girls are bullied or peer-pressured and do nothing about it since they are afraid of what others would think of them.

As stated in 20 Most Common Teenage Girl Problems and Solutions, “With the raging hormones on one side urging the teens to try their hands on various activities, there are a number of bodily changes on the other hand, which kind of make them seek withdrawal from various events happening around.” Hormones play a big role as far as how girls feel. Along with terms of physical changes.

Due to their bodies, many teen girls have been sexually harassed. According to Sexual Harassment Among Teens is Pervasive, “One thing that I think all girls go through at some age is the realization that their body, seemingly, is not entirely for themselves anymore … the unfortunate thing is that we all just sort of accepting it as a fact of life.” Based on the article I read, teenage girls accept that their bodies will be exploited due to their development.