Valentine’s Day?


Amaya Shaw, Olytimes writer

    February 14th is also known as Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is a holiday where we express our love for the ones we love and let them know how much we appreciate them whether it’s giving or receiving gifts like chocolates, flowers, cards, teddy bears, or just showering our loved ones with affection. The beautiful pink, white and red represents the infatuation of someone, love, and romance. Though Valentine’s Day is the day for love, some people hate valentine’s day…

      Valentine’s day might be the worst, maybe even horrible to some people regardless of being single or partnered up with somebody, the repetitive colors pink, white, and red. If Valentine’s day is all about sharing and expressing love; why does it feel like the holiday leaves certain people out? even though valentines day doesn’t have to be all about couples and can also be about friends or family we love, the holiday certainly does point in the direction that the holiday is slightly specific for a “couples-only” day, we also can’t forget about the pressure of actually having to give gifts to somebody who definitely might be expecting something and might not be around for the longest. Valentine’s day is also a slightly expensive holiday according to a CNBC article. People are planning to spend around $175 to 210 dollars on Valentine’s Day when buying a 5 dollar teddy bear from the dollar store works just fine. Those who have partners have the pressure and the burden to truly participate in the holiday because they have a s/o–- “What are you getting for your girlfriend/boyfriend for valentines day?!”

It may undoubtedly seem that valentines have to be the worst holiday to be single on but it may not be all that bad or good but, it’s normal to feel horrible about being alone on a holiday all about love and appreciation but who needs a strangers cliche gifts when a gift to yourself is just as good. Even if you aren’t in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can also be a day to learn to love yourself before other people. Valentine’s day is a unique day for those who are single, married, in a relationship, complicated, divorced, etc. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a romantic loving holiday, a valentine is specifically specialized for different people.