Gateway Sports Update

Brianna Price, Olytimes writer

Gateway has had a lot of changes considering sports-wise. The girl’s basketball team is doing good as well as the boy’s basketball team. All sports are performing their hardest and grinding as hard. The track program is doing a good job. The swimming team is also doing a good job. Soccer is doing a good job they are practicing and working really hard because some do indoor soccer to help with the season for this year.–


¨Do you think boys basketball this year will get better?¨–

¨I think this year the basketball team will stay the same because we aren’t really making an effort but we are trying our best all the time. We only have luck at this point to help us win games.¨ – Oriel Bailey


¨How do you think girls basketball is going this year?¨–

¨I think all of us are doing an amazing job we are working our butts off and we are so proud of all our teams.¨– Jameri Hartsfield 


¨How is the swimming team doing?¨–

¨The swimming team is doing an amazing job we try and practice every day after school our swim meet wasn’t that bad we just need some more practice to be faster.¨-Vivian Mendoza Montanez

¨How is soccer doing as an overall team?¨–

Soccer is doing an okay job we practice every day after school we try our best when we have games but we all hope we are going to be 10x better when soccer season actually starts.¨- Kee Awi


¨In your opinion how do you think the track program is doing?¨

¨The track program is doing well. We do track every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The people in the program are really fast and I love running with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside the building or outside on the track. — John Sotade-George