Do Children/ Teenagers Like Snow Days?

Do Children/ Teenagers Like Snow Days?

Brauijay Daniels-Taylor, Olytimes writer

Students at Gateway highschool want a snow day on Thursday, February 17. Students in ms. Rodriguez’s class said they did their snow day dance. 

Ms.Rodriguez asked the students “did you guys do snow days?” more than one of the students said, “yes, we need a 5-day break from school.”

From elementary-high school kids and teenagers love snow days. They’re amazing around Christmas time and can be a great bonding time for family. But delays the education of the children for their safety.  

I interviewed one of my friends from another school. I asked, “do you like snow days?” His answer was “absolutely”. He was very enthusiastic. He says “I love snow days; it gives me time to relax and gives me the time I need to catch up on work that is or was due.” Another person I interviewed was someone who is in another state, from California dilyn says” Yea, I love the snow. I don’t face any challenges with snow days.” although he doesn’t see or get very much snow because he lives in California he still loves the snow.