Malik Jones

Malik Jones

Giselle Marquez, Olytimes writer

   Malik Jones has been involved in sled hockey since he was 7 years old. He rose through the ranks of domestic clubs and leagues, and by the age of 12, he had already attended his first national development camp. He began traveling with his teammates and is now on his way to earning the Paralympic gold medal.

Malik Jones had started training with his colleagues. He was in Nashville for six weeks, training four days a week with his teammates. Jones competed in his first international tournament in Beijing.

Jones was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. He attended Gateway High School for his freshman and sophomore years before transferring to a different high school. Gateway, he noted, is a fun school with a lot of team spirit.

Jones received an email informing him that he had been selected for the first time to the United States sled hockey team. A few months later, he was chosen to the Paralympic Winter Games team as a forward.  

Sled hockey is a modified version of ice hockey for players with physical disabilities. Athletes sit on top of two hockey skate blades on manufactured sleds. Each player has two sticks instead of one, and the sticks include metal picks on the bottom end that players can use to push themselves.

Malik Jones’ grandmother developed for him a love for sled hockey. He’s thrilled to be competing in the Paralympics. “Maintain your passion for whatever it is that you love and stick to it.”

Starting March 5th, you can watch Malik Jones and his teammates compete in the Paralympics. The schedule is listed here, and you can also find it on the Paralympics website.